Brunch is the new breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Here at the All Day Café by Minervas, when we talk about our menu, we're actually talking about our menus. As in plural. As in a breakfast menu, a lunch menu, a dinner menu and a drink menu. All of them extensive, ambitious, creative, delightful, delicious ... we could go on ALL DAY about our menus. Which is kind of the point.


Breakfast meets brunch in this tastefully refreshing breakfast menu. Choices, choices, choices.

Daily Breakfast Features

Monday: Coffee and Caramel Roll $4.50
Tuesday: Specialty Flavored Griddles
Wednesday: Waffle Wednesday! Specialty Flavor Waffles, All Waffles $2 OFF
Thursday: Specialty Feature Omelet
Friday: Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs
Saturday & Sunday: Quiche, Served with Fresh Fruit 


Brunch is our second favorite verb ... we love to “brunch” almost as much as we love to “lunch.” This menu is the reason why.


We could call this Brinner, because who doesn't love brunch for dinner? The problem is, this menu is more than brunch for dinner ... it's dinner for dinner with a touch of brunch on the side.

Whether you're seeking the perfect cup of coffee—with flavor profiles ranging from bold and intense to earthy and light—or you're ready for a classic cocktail, you'll enjoy our very full drink menu. Our creative drinks include coffees, teas, smoothies, beer, wine, bloody marys, mimosas, sangrias and more.

Breakfast Menu

Brunch Menu

Dinner Menu
Dessert Menu

Gluten Free Menu

Drink Menu